The Open edX project is a learning experience platform originally created by edX, a nonprofit online initiative created by founding partners Harvard and MIT and composed of dozens of leading global institutions, the xConsortium.

Supported by contributions from the Open edX community as well as edX itself, the platform has been used all over the world to:

Teach in


languages in 35 countries

Share knowledge from


institutions and organizations

Host more than



Reach over




The annual meeting of the Open edX community

This event is focused on sharing knowledge among members of the global Open edX community. We will discuss innovative uses across higher education, training and lifelong learning, instructional design and course production techniques, and methods for operating, extending and enhancing the Open edX platform.

In previous years, 200 developers, educators, and decision-makers for educational and training initiatives who work with or want to learn more about the Open edX platform gathered to share, learn, and celebrate the platform.

To learn more about what to expect this year, see the track details listed below or review the schedule for this year's conference, then register and join the Open edX community in Madrid!

The Open edX conference will immediately follow the EMOOCs 2017 conference, the European MOOCs Stakeholders Symposium, which will be held May 22 and 23 at the same location - Universidad Carlos III Madrid Leganés campus.

Facts about the 2016 Open edX Conference



  • 27% engineers and developers
  • 25% educators and researchers
  • 32% educational/training initiative decision-makers
  • 40% of attendees were from educational institutions
  • 22% from public sector (government or non-profit organizations)
  • 32% from corporations and other for-profit organizations

The Open edX conference has a code of conduct that applies to all attendees.


Conference (May 24 & 25)

Our conference tracks are the following:

  • Innovative courses, in particular in higher education, social impact, professional development & training
  • Course authoring, production and promotion techniques
  • Analytics & research
  • Deployment & technical deep dives
  • Extending and integrating the platform
  • Online learning and training trends
    such as credentials, professional development and lifelong learning

In addition to a full program of keynotes and presentations on the main conference days, we strongly encourage attendees to have "hallway track" conversations and participate in other, less formal ways. Share your ideas for a "birds of a feather" session, where you can find other attendees with common interests.

Note that the schedule is subject to change as we develop the full program.

Hands-on days (May 23 & 26)

We are currently in the process of confirming space for our technical "hands-on" days the day before and after the main conference.

Tuesday, May 23: Tutorials

The day before the conference, we will host community-driven tutorials, including a developer environment "installfest" and tutorials on technical topics.

Friday, May 26: Project day and training

This year, we will host a "project day" where edX and community engineers can share their project ideas, collaborate on designs, pair program and get feedback. We will have a short kickoff and wrap-up to share your project ideas and what you accomplished and learned during the day. Share your idea for a project on the Open edX conference wiki.

We will also be hosting a one-day introductory course for anyone interested in learning or getting a refresher on the basics of creating courses using Studio.

Please indicate your interest in attending the hands-on day activities when you register.



Conference Hotels in Madrid

Directions to UC3M

The easiest way to travel is by taking the train: Cercanías Madrid (regional railways network).
From Atocha train station (Madrid) to UC3M at Leganés Campus:
  • Take line C5, destination Humanes
  • The train will make the following stops:
    Méndez Álvaro – Doce de Octubre – Orcasitas – Puente Alcocer – Villaverde Alto – Zarzaquemada – Leganés
  • Get off at Leganés (Estimated time: 18-25 minutes)
  • From Leganés Train Station to UC3M (7-10 minute walk)

From Leganés Train Station to UC3M

  • Go upstairs to the street level and leave by the main exit
  • Go left and walk Calle de Santa Rosa down to the main roundabout
  • Take a right on to the Av. de la Universidad
  • Take a left in to the walkway that leads toward the Library and Auditorio
  • Follow the path, staying to the right, to the Auditorio

From the airport

  • Take the underground/metro line 8 to Nuevos Ministerios. Change to the commuter train line (Cercanias) and take any train going to Atocha station (C2, C3, C4, C7, C10). Follow directions from Atocha Station above